Oh Yeah.... insurance

I didn't realize I didn't update to the insurance issues yet.
Yes, the SAME insurance debacle going on since October 24th.

The last update was they billed our mortgage company for a 2nd policy - but they told me they didn't actually 'bill' they just send the papers so the mortgage company has the new policy, and then they would transfer the payment to the 2nd, cancel the first and give us the refunded difference.

But of course they lied.

I logged into our mortgage account and just for the heck of it, clicked on mortgage details.  It shows they paid the SECOND INSURANCE POLICY too.  And because they just paid the first one, we are now -$1300 in our escrow account.

Yes, that would be negative.

So I call the mortgage company to ask about this.

She said they paid it because our insurance company billed it.

We are now negative $1300 and it will have to be paid this month or they will review the account and change our monthly payment to make up the difference. 

She said it's possible the insurance company will issue us a check for the refund of the first policy - in which case we can put it towards the negative escrow balance, or there is a slight chance the insurance company will issue the refund to the mortgage company.  She said normally insurance companies won't bill for both, they just send the policy papers for the 2nd. 

Of course MINE wouldn't it.  

I then hung up and tried to call the agency.  A man I've never spoken with before answered the phone.  He said the woman I needed was "on another line" (yep, sure) and did I want voicemail?  "Yes.  Please."
Only he didn't know how to transfer me.
Instead he put me on hold.
Just for kicks and giggles I waited on hold to see if anyone would pick up.
I waited a full 7 minutes and then I hung up.

I'm in GOOD HANDS with these people? 
No.  I am not.

Day 1

These most recent posts have been more for our own personal recording keeping than blog posting.  But it's amazing how the details are forgotten... and how quickly!

Yesterday was day 1 at the new job.
He was supposed to go in 4:pm (which we thought was odd!).  So he was going to run an errand for me and then go visit with his old district manager at 1:30, and turn in a few items.  His old manager texted him to say he had to make an emergency appointment and couldn't make their meeting.  As soon as my husband got that text, the HR woman from the new job called and asked if he would be available to come in at 1:30 instead of at 4:pm.
Crazy how some of these things work out.

Mr. Husband went to the new workplace, met with the district HR manager and the local HR manager.  Did some of his paperwork, watched orientation videos and then was introduced to everyone.  He said everyone seems really nice, everyone was friendly.  Moral seemed good and people were smiling and in good moods. 

The only down side (if I had to choose one) is his manager was out sick so he didn't actually get to meet with him.  It may be the flu, in which case he may be sick all week.

Today is day 2. 
He is supposed to be officially into the system by today so he can start 'clocking in'.  Today was getting to know each of the departments and department managers better and he had a conference call already today as well.  He is still at work *due off in a few minutes* but I wanted to get an entry made so I didn't forget what his first day was like. 

Funny that we are still waiting for the other shoe to drop.  We still haven't told friends  or family about the new position. 

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Tomorrow is orientation.
4:pm.  Mostly just paperwork I believe.
Then Wednesday, 2nd day of orientation with more paperwork, account set up, and a conference call. Once orientation is over, will we feel like this is real?  That it's really happening?

Although Mr. Husbands last day was Friday, Saturday and Sunday didn't have us giddy or excited or celebrating.  We are in a quiet 'waiting' mode mostly.  We haven't even told people yet!  Are we afraid we'll jinx it?  Yeah.  Maybe.  It's our personalities...  we've always been this way with relocation's and buying our homes, etc.  we don't celebrate things until the papers are signed and it's a 'done deal'.  Well, the papers are signed for this new company... but other than the offer and acceptance, that's as far as we've gotten so that is why we aren't celebrating yet.

This is also an odd situation where it's a 'program' he's been accepted to.  Unlike previous jobs, where he has been hired and started; this is a program.  He spends 4 weeks training locally then 2 weeks getting specialized training out of state.  Three more weeks locally and then leaves out of state again for 1 last week of training.  At that time there is a graduation ceremony and then he either is put back into a local location until they feel he is ready for the next step OR they feel he is ready right away and find a place for him.  The problem with that is I believe there has to be an opening in the district for you at that level.  They don't want to move you to another location because they've invested 6 weeks of paid training and travel for you and I'm sure they want their investment back.

As it is, Mr. Husband starts orientation and 4 weeks local training tomorrow.  

When it comes time for travel and classes, we'll be packing his 'business casual' clothing, his ipad and his briefcase and seeing him off to another state.  For now?  One step at a time...  but I do think I'll feel better and more comfortable with this big step to a new career, once he finishes his first 2 days of orientation.

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Last Day.....

Yesterday was Mr. Husbands last day of work with his current company.  Although I don't feel like typing this morning, I know I want to as I really love looking back on these old posts a year or more from now and remembering things I've forgotten.

Ten years with the company came to an end yesterday, the 28th.  Since it was Black Friday, he's been too busy to dwell on the fact that he's known he was leaving for 5 weeks - and usually it's difficult to stay for two!  This week the store's systems went completely down numerous times.  Sometimes nothing worked and other times, only cash sales.  Yesterday on Black Friday the power went out.  No worries.  Last days will give you a great outlook on things.

He said his goodbyes and got hugs and a few tears.  One of the biggest, longest hugs and biggest tears were from the man that caused the most problems, the most stress, the worst of times in this location over the past 3 years.  The guy that lied, threatened lawsuits, lawyered up when he was fired and got re-hired, screamed at my husband that he hated him, he was evil... yada yada.  And apologized, hugged and cried yesterday.  Insert eye-rolling as he went through this whole 'love ya man' phase once before and then the next time was caught clocking in and leaving the premises and was wrote up and threatened with being fired, lawyered up again and kept his job.  The tears of goodbye were one-sided with this guy. 

Mr. Husband went out to dinner with his district manager.  Three people.  Dinner and drinks came to $760.  This guy is crazy.  He was happy the bill was under a grand.  When Mr. Husband told me last night, my mouth dropped open.  A $300 bill would have had me in tears but this guy is a big spender and he was thrilled it only came to $760.  I just can't wrap my head around that. 

DH didn't get to tell him a proper goodbye though as around 10:15 when they were in the bar area, he got a text, got quiet and said he had to excuse himself a moment.  He went to the back of the bar.  While DH and other guy were talking, DH looked out to the parking lot and his bosses car was gone.  He had gotten that text, paid up their tab and left without saying a word.  He was supposed to get my husbands work computer and phone from him last night but left without them.  We have no idea what the text was but that was the 'goodbye'.   DH texted him - the response was to thank him for his hard work and he enjoyed working with him and wished him luck. 

We are wondering if there was a medical emergency at home?  No idea.  But that was the final goodbye.

Husband got home last night, and has 3 days off now before he attends orientation at 4:pm on Tuesday at the new company.  

That's the "facts to remember a year from now" post.  I'll post a more personal post later... but I wanted to get some of this down.


Just a quiet night....

It's the night before Thanksgiving and all through the house....  

The husband is working and the college daughter and her boyfriend were here, ate dinner and headed back to his house to hang with friends tonight. It's very quiet here tonight and I suddenly remembered this blog and that I love to go back and read my entries (posts) but to do so, I have to remember to use it!

The last time I talked to the insurance company regarding the house policy, they had sent the paperwork to the mortgage company but said the payments would transfer from the old to the new policy - the mortgage company is not actually expected to pay a second yearly policy when they just paid the original one a few weeks ago. 

But when I logged into our account last weekend it says 'waiting on third party payment' (meaning, the mortgage company) and has a 'due' date of December 6th.  What does this mean?  I have no idea.  I'm so sick of that stupid insurance company office and everything involved.  We've lived all over the country, have had renter's insurance followed by buying and selling 5 homes and numerous cars and I've never, ever, ever, encountered such horrible service as this.  But... how many times have I said that since moving to Alabama?  Customer service and work ethic down here is a whole new ball game.  What is considered acceptable and normal here would never, ever be acceptable up North or in the Midwest.  Possibly on the West Coast...  Ha ha... and I don't know about the northern East coast as that is one area we've never lived.

I did have to call the insurance agency on Monday morning for something other than the stupid house policy.  We got to remove one of the 5 cars from our coverage.  Woowhoo!  The hand-me-down car my daughter received from us (a 2001 Taurus) was signed over to her after college graduation, so she could use it as a down payment on a new vehicle.  It is now 'gone' blessedly gone... and I was able to remove it from our coverage.  They said when I pay my monthly payment next week to continue to pay the higher 5-car coverage payment and I should see the amount go down 'next' month.  In the past, they've always given me the 'new' payment at the time I call them, and that is what I pay.  We've been with this company since 2004 - so, 10 years.  They've never done it this way before.  Is it another thing that is simply done this way in the South or is it this particular insurance agency?  Gah, I don't know.  I give up.