The Mailbox Saga Continues....

Tuesday I had called their insurance company to put in my claim for the mailbox only to finally be told there was an open claim and they transferred me to his voicemail.  I left my information only to find out the next day he wasn't the person I need to talk to.  Apparently he is the one handling their truck claim, but another department handles mine (why their own employees don't know how their own company works, I have no idea).  Luckily the woman and her son brought me the correct information Wednesday night so Thursday I called and talked to the "Team" in charge of the claim.

The first woman was rather rude and grumpy and told me she was sending an email for me to respond to in which I could put my claim estimate and a photo of the mailbox.  Except by 6 hours later I still hadn't received it.  I called back again, got another 'team' member and this time when I requested they resend the email, it was there within a minute.  I suspect the first one never even sent it.  This one not only sent it but gave me the email address as well.

I sent off the estimate, a before photo, and 2 photos taken at the scene, showing it no longer there, and it smashed to smithereens all over the drive and ditch.

I'm just waiting now for 'review' and approval.

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Blog Update

At 6:22 tonight my phone rang - it was one of the guys I called for masonry.  I was hoping this one would call me back - because he also happens to be my neighbor...  he just doesn't know it!

So while we talked I mentioned I was his neighbor a couple houses down.  He said, "Let me go get some pants on and I'll be down in a few minutes."  LOL... (That's so Southern... but funny).

He drove in and I met him down by the gate.  He stopped and looked at the house and told me... HE is the one who bricked our house!  OMG!  That is awesome since he knows more history about my house than I do.

While talking, the Mom and teen that took out our mailbox also drove in.  She was dropping off their policy information.  While we spoke, the mason guy took the time to call his contact at the brick place.  When the Mom and teen left, I went back to the mason guy and found out, we can no longer get the brick they used.  It's a "high end' brick that isn't made any longer since the economy tanked after 08' and people wanted cheaper brick.  So he is sending a guy out tomorrow with samples to show me to find one that closely matches.  He also said he has done hundreds of mailboxes with insurance companies and knows exactly what they want/need/ and what they will pay.  They don't even pay the actual cost of rebuilding.  They severely under-pay.  This guy has been in business for like, 40 years.  He knows his stuff.

So I have his estimate in hand.
I have the policy information from the people who hit it.

The only thing I'm cringing about is that I called their insurance today and they put me through to a different guy...  so I left my name, number and my information with him.  Only to find out it's the wrong person.  Apparently he is the guy working on the claim for THEIR truck.  I have to talk to someone else (same company, different department) so I hope I didn't make it even more of a bureaucratic mess by talking to him...  this whole thing has enough red tape stupidity to work through.

Will see what tomorrow brings.

7 called.... made contact with just 1

Random photo off the 'net
On Monday I called 6 masonry companies to get a quote for a new brick enclosed mailbox.  Today I called one more.  Between the 7 of them, I've made contact with just 1 and barely. 

Most didn't bother to call back.  Really?  That's great customer service there!  Let me just throw my business your way.... 

The one that did call back, it is obvious he's never done a mailbox before.  Retaining walls and landscape and installing pool brick... yep.  Mailbox?  I don't think so.  He had me text him photos of the brick and our old box.  It took 2 days to get cell service strong enough to send, but I did.  And... I've never heard back.

I'm 0 for 7.  For a roughtly $1100 mail enclosure. 

I also gave up on waiting for the police report to come in the mail so I stopped by the police department and got a copy myself.  Good thing I did.  Contrary to what the officer said three times that morning, they do NOT mail out copies of the police report.  The copies cost $10 so you have to pay to get one.  I paid.  And I have one.  So I called State Farm (the vehicle owners insurance company) and it took me talking to 2 people to get through to them I am not the policy holder, they are not my company.  Finally they 'got it' and looked up their policy owners information and told me a claim has already been started.  I asked why no one had called me then, since it was a week ago?  She said they did not have my information.  Oh, yes they do.  Not only is my name, address and phone number on the police report, but they live in the neighborhood next to mine.

They gave me the name and number of the guy in charge of the claim so I had to leave a voicemail with him telling him who I was and to call me back. 

Baby Steps.



Last week we had our 600 pound mailbox taken out...  not by choice but by a vehicle. It was someone who lives down the street (although we don't know them, nor do I know exactly where they live) and in hullabaloo I didn't get their insurance information, but talking with the police officer on the scene, he said all their information and their insurance information was on the police report and that I would be mailed a copy of it. That was good enough for me, so not a big deal.  The people involved seemed very shook up, remorseful and apologized a bunch of times. Knowing they had insurance and I would get in the police report was fine with me.

We left the majority of the mess for a  few days - not knowing if their insurance would come inspect the damage or what (?) we've never had property damage before so we weren't sure how that worked.

We finally cleaned up the mess this past weekend (it happened Wednesday and we cleaned it up Sunday).  Getting rid of the huge brick pieces and concrete would have been an issue except we use rock and broken patio stone to line the creek bed and ditch from erosion so it was an easy clean up for us to sledge hammer the brick and spread it.

We had to stop our mail... which seems like not a big deal... until you have to do it!  Driving 10 miles into town to get our mail every few days is not fun and even though I've only done it twice so far, the post office lady questioned me today how fast our new mailbox is going in as she will only hold our mail a total of 30 days.  (Gee lady... if I could have it done and over YESTERDAY I would have!).

Right now we are still waiting for the police report.  I also made 6 phone calls today to area masonry companies asking for quotes for a new one.  One companies two phone numbers didn't work.  Another said she would have her sales guy call me (never did), 3 others never called back and 1 called back but it was obvious from our conversation he had never built a mailbox before.  He requested me to send a photo of our brick (to match) plus a picture of the box we needed built.  I tried 3 times but all failed to go through due to the poor cell phone reception.

I'll see what tomorrow brings.

Monday Morning....

Yet another new chapter in this new job.
Today Mr. Husband starts his hour commute to 'train' at yet another new location. 
He left at 5:45-ish and arrived at 7:05 am.
Not crazy about the commute on his car, his tires, nor his time.
Out of the last 11 relocations I would say probably ummm, 7 of them have been between 45 minutes to 1 hour commute (in California, it was about 2 hours on a good day and 5 hours if it was a holiday weekend or lots of accidents).  So hour long commutes are not a 'big' deal except this time around it's including winding mountain roads with speeds down to 15 mph and lots of hills.  I'm not crazy about him driving mountain roads at 1:am after a 12 hour shift, in January, on icy roads.

Today's new location... for 1 week and then next week he gets to add another 15 minutes to the commute to cover the other location.
More on that later.

Because this may... or may not... be the start of something big, I thought I had better put it down in the relocation website.
This site has been a God-send for remembering, venting, thinking things through and documenting. 

*If this is your first time here; note that all old posts of personal nature and our last relocation have been made private and cannot be accessed any longer.  However, I will be documenting, step by step, our 12th relocation.