Daily Diary - Wheels are Moving

The wheels are turning slowly... but they are turning.
Things I don't want to forget. Daily Diary updates.


1.  We got health insurance cards for the new company insurance plan.  We aren't eligible until the first of March, but we have cards in hand so that was a good feeling.  However, I noticed our oldest son wasn't listed under 'covered' individuals. He is a college aged young man, but still eligible under our healthcare so I was concerned.

Mr. Husband called the next day and they said he was inadvertently left off by the computer system.  The system randomly dropped one family member; could have been me, our daughter... it just happened to be him.  They said he was added and covered.  No worries.  But I haven't seen paper confirmation of that yet!

2. We are slowly getting other insurance in place as in addition to the company coverage for life and disability insurance, we opted for an accidental death plan (it's like, $4 a paycheck) and I got that letter in the mail this week.

3.  Got the check from our 401K plan at the previous job.  It's made out to Mr. Husband AND the bank that holds the new companies 401K plans.  Apparently they can't/don't wire or electronically transfer funds.  It's all done very circa 1980's!  So - they closed out the account and cut a check to the new company and us; with a tax form marked that it's being rolled-over into a new 401K plan so it's not taxable as income on next years taxes.   Mr. Husband now has to mail it into the new company.  So many steps when it seems so much easier to have one bank electronically wire the funds to the other bank!???  Crazy.   BUT Mr. Husband left for training so he can't mail it and he didn't get the form that goes with it to me before he left so I can't mail it either.... 

4.  Training has begun!  Back in November when he accepted the new position, his training dates didn't work out with giving 2 week notice at his current job, so he was put on the later training dates of January.  At the time it seems SO FAR AWAY.  But, here we are!!!!!    He left yesterday for the first 2 weeks training.  I can't believe it's here.  It's a 6 week program and then we will see where we are and what comes next.  We have no idea where he will land after the first of March.


November refund finally is finished.

This morning I checked the status of our escrow account to see the insurance company finally "got around to" refunding the house insurance policy money they doubled billed the first week of November, 2014.  

It's now January 17th. 

Instead of seeing a negative balance in our escrow from two (2) insurance policies billed in the same week by our inept insurance agency, we now have a big overage.  The date of our account review is April though, so I suspect in April we will be issued a refund check and new monthly mortgage payment amount based on the new insurance policy premium amount.

Such a simple... simple... simple phone call made October 24th just lower our personal property coverage a little bit turned into this huge debacle by inept agency employees of a completely clueless agency owner who's daddy bought him and his brother insurance agencies to give them something to do.  SO GLAD THEY ARE NOW IN MY PAST.   I am loving my new agency and as soon as I switched, everything is getting done - quickly and efficiently. 


And we finally get our proof of insurance cards - almost 1 month late!

I really do enjoy looking back over my posts to remind myself of what happened and when... it's amazing how quickly all the details slip my mind.  Although, I suspect I'm doing that on purpose as a coping mechanism!

Today - the 15th - we finally got our official Proof of Insurance cards that we paid to renew on December 19th.   That is almost a MONTH ago and our car insurance policy renewed on December 29th which is when our current cards expired.  That means for the past month we've been waiting on cards we legally need to have with us if pulled over; or we get a ticket and ding on our record - which makes our insurance rates go up - even though it's the INSURANCE COMPANIES FAULT.  How about that for a happy little circle of stupidity?

Now I just have to mail our daughter's to her as she is away at the University.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Another topic has been insurance of mortgage kind.

Same insurance company.  Double billed for a house insurance policy the first week of November.
This of course made our escrow account negative as they just paid out 2 years worth of policy premiums at the same time.
Now, they did this even though I asked them not to.
I was told they would "send the paperwork for a new policy so the mortgage company had the information, but they wouldn't send them a second bill.  Liars.
And this was the first of NOVEMBER.
And not slated to cut a refund until January 16th.

We requested it earlier and didn't get anywhere.
We also requested them to mail it directly to the mortgage company instead of mailing it to us, having us cash it, deposit it, and then pay the mortgage company.

As I was in the middle of switching insurance agencies on January 5th, she asked me why I didn't have the company just mail the refund to the mortgage company?  It would be faster.  I told her how I asked about that and was told it wasn't an option.
Her mouth fell (it did many times during that meeting as she heard all the inept service I had got from the other agency) - she turned her computer screen around and showed me the drop box where that was, indeed, an option.  And a good one.  It cuts out the middle man and goes straight to the source.

Yes, please!

So I'm waiting to see what becomes of that...

I actually have health insurance updates too, but my head hurts and this post is getting long.  I'll do that one next.


Monday... procrastination

I find it ridiculously easy to procrastinate on cloudy, dreary, cold days.
Such as today.
Which is why I did not go to the post office.
I did not go to the grocery store.
I did not go to the mechanics.

On the flip-side however, Mr. Husband did try (and succeeded) to access the CIGNA medical history form from his work computer and it let him.  (WHY did they send a letter to our home telling me how to make a CIGNA account and how to find and fill out the medical form if they weren't going to allow us to access it from our home anyway?).   He also called to close out our previous employer based IRA to roll it over into a new one.  Guess what?  1986 called and they want their steps back.

No wiring?  No electronic transfer of funds?
No siree, Bob.

The company will cut us a check - made out to Wells Fargo and us - (as Wells Fargo is the financial institution that apparently holds all the IRA's for the new employer).  They mail it to us and we mail it to Wells Fargo with a paper that says where we want it to go.

Time consuming and strange in this world of instant-fund transfers.

We had taken out a small loan against ourselves in that particular retirement account to buy our youngest her car a couple years ago.  That loan will be paid off in full first, and the remaining funds cut in a check and mailed to us to 'roll over' into the new account. 

Baby Steps.


Other Stuff....

I've been procrastinating this update post - but I know how helpful and amazing it is to be able to come back to my blog later to see all the details I know I will forget.  It's proven invaluable a couple times already so... Monster energy drink hand... here it is.

When the husband quit his last employer to take the new job, it involved a lot of details that all have a life of their own to update, change, roll-over, etc.

Brainstorming off the top of my head:
  • Cell Phone discounts through employer
  • Cell Phone and account (1) through employer
  • Cell Phone account (2) through employer
  • Laptop through employer
  • Life Insurance
  • Disability Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Stocks
  • Retirement Accounts
  • Employee Discounts
  • Personal Loan from our company retirement account for daughter's car

Here is my status to each as of today.....

Cell Phone discounts through employer
Waiting to see if our account status changes on this. I believe the new employer receives discounts as well, and if not, AAA and Direct TV do I think.
Cell Phone and account (1) through employer
Went back to the employer
Cell Phone account (2) through employer
Waiting to see what happens to the account.  2 year agreement recently signed and upgrade made so waiting to see how the change in employers affects the account discount.
Laptop through employer
Went back to employer
Life Insurance
I have no idea. I think it just ends and all premiums are lost.  We are currently signing up with the new life insurance policies through the new employer.  The new company uses CIGNA - which we have to fill out a medical questionnaire (never had to do that before for any of the previous companies) but their website has returned a server error for the past 2 days we've tried.  It's an error on their end in the coding.  The whole site is down today so perhaps they are fixing it.
Disability Insurance
Same as life insurance I believe.  I think they are all through the same company and are based on the medical form we can't get to yet.  It has to be filled out by January 24th to be eligible.  The coverage doesn't 'kick in' until the 3 month review period is up March 2nd.
Health Insurance
Lost with the last day of employment but eligible for COBRA coverage.  We are eligible for health insurance through the new job after the 3 month review period;  March 2nd.  While researching the details and small print in using COBRA after employment ends, I found that we have 60 days to sign up for COBRA after our coverage ends; and after you sign up you have to make your payment within 30 days.  You can decide to enroll any time in that 60 day window and it's retroactive back to your original loss of coverage date; however you have to pay the premiums all the way back too.  So if we find we need it on the 45th day, we can enroll, it is retroactive, but we need to pay 45 days worth of the premiums immediately; so, about $3000.  But in the case of a major emergency, we would have our regular insurance coverage that we've had for the past 10 years.  The dates of loss of coverage and new eligibility overlap on the same day for us.

I think we had to cash these out when we left the company - cashing out is always a bad option to rolling them over into something else, like an IRA because you have a huge tax penalty.  However, we needed the funds for our daughter's college tuition due ($8000) for her spring semester.  We cashed them out to use the funds to pay for college tuition.  We will deal with the wrath of our CPA this spring... but it avoids having to take out an additional private student loan (in addition to the student loans she has through FAFSA) and avoids the awful, horrible parental plus loans (evil!!!!!) or a private loan.  We are hoping the tax credit for the school tuition deduction will help offset some of the painful taxes and penalties.
Retirement Accounts
We have a choice to leave the employer based one as it is and do nothing, or we can cash it out or roll it over into another account of our choice.  We've decided to roll it over into the retirement account starting with the new employer.  This gives us a little bit of a cushion to start and grow on instead of starting with a new zero balance.  We are hoping to see growth more quickly this way and hope to be with this new employer for many years.

Employee Discounts
While losing the employee discount at the previous job, we were surprised to find out the new employer also offers a discount.  It's not as good - but completely different type of items and we will use items from this company often.  We were not expecting any discount at all so we were happily surprised and it started with the hire date - so no waiting for the 3 month mark like we have to for everything else.
Personal Loan from our company retirement account for daughter's car
This one is connected to the employee based retirement account.  An awesome little deal that companies offer that you can borrow from 'yourself' instead of banks.  Now that the employment has ended, if we were to leave the retirement account with them as it is, we would have to start making monthly payments.  Since our plan is to roll it over into the new companies retirement account, the loan is immediately taken out and paid off by the employer before funds are released to our new account.  So assuming my husband gets the ball rolling to roll it over into a a new account, this should be done before the first payment is due and the loan will be paid off.

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