4 months into the new job.... life insurance still not done.

The life insurance is still a mess.  Should have been so simple!

Young, healthy couple getting life insurance through the new job.  We've done it twice before in our marriage with his other jobs.  We've never had companies screw up as many things as they are.

So, the latest update:   I got the letter last week telling me they never received my in home medical exam results so they were canceling my request for life insurance.

I had to call them and ask WHERE my results WERE then, if they did not have them?  

After putting me on hold, came back to say "Oh, I guess we do have them.  We got them two weeks ago.  But the exam company had you sign the wrong generic form.  I don't know if they will send someone out to have you sign a new one or not."  I asked what to do at this point?  Do I just sit patiently?  She said yes, and they would be giving my information to the underwriters and everything would move forward.

Soon I got a letter in the mail from the exam company with a new generic form to sign.  I did, and sent it back, but the next day I got a letter from Cigna congratulating me on my life insurance policy.  So apparently Cigna moved forward with coverage without the HIV release form anyway - probably because I did sign one - but they apparently have 2 versions. Now I've signed both.

Ironically, my husband had his first premium taken out of his check last week, but we also got a letter saying they couldn't move forward with coverage because they had not received his medical records yet.

So which is it?

I don't know, but considering it takes 10 days for Cigna's letters to be sent and reach us, I figured it must have gone through before we got the letter since the premium was taken out and paid.  So we didn't do anything - lest it makes a bigger mess.  Cigna, and ExamOne have managed to mess up everything on their own without ANY help from us!

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Love these ideas for doubling the use of a 'stairway' - extra storage, a dog house and more!

These are photos I've found over the past few years and saved to my own files for future reference.  They don't work in our current home due to the layout of the house and stairs but I loved some of these and wanted to keep them for brainstorming in future homes.

Love this idea of a hidden room under the stairs!

This little reading nook just makes me want to curl up with a book on a rainy day.

Our dogs would love this!  (And so would I)

Storage!  A great way to add bookshelves to a small room or home

I think this is my favorite.  So simple and classic.  Bookshelves built into the stairs.

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Contracts to buy US homes rise 3.1 percent in February


More Americans signed contracts to buy homes in February, evidence that the spring buying season could open strong after sluggish sales for much of the winter.

The National Association of Realtors said Monday that its seasonally adjusted pending home sales index climbed 3.1 percent to 106.9 last month, the highest reading since June 2013.

Buying activity jumped in the Midwest and West, while dipping slightly in the Northeast and South. The gains suggest that housing should overcome the recent hurdles of freezing weather and blistering snowstorms, as both buyers and potentially sellers return to the market.

Pending sales are a barometer of future purchases. A one- to two-month lag usually exists between a contract and a completed sale.

The upturn suggests a solid spring sales rebound, after a lackluster winter.

Existing homes sold at an annual pace of 4.88 million in February, slightly below last year's levels, according to the Realtors. Prospective buyers were finding slim pickings as the supply of homes was just 4.6 months, compared to five full months a year ago and an average closer to six months in healthy housing markets.

But solid hiring over the past year and historically low mortgage rates may help to ease the affordability pressures from tight supplies.

Average 30-year fixed rates were 3.69 percent last week, according to the mortgage giant Freddie Mac. That average has plunged from a 52-week high of 4.41 percent, a sharp decrease that makes it easier to purchase more expensive homes.


Ahhh, one more. Because they are just that bad.

These photos from random Seattle area listings make me shake my head.
I would be embarrassed to have some of these listings on my page if I was a realtor. 

If the homeowner really wanted to sell this house, they would do a trash dump for random marketing cardboard cutouts, a Goodwill donation for exercise equipment they obviously don't use regularly and uh, maybe take that eggshell foam down from above the window.

Dear realtor...  I think a $20 can of cheap, white wall paint would be a good investment on your thousands
of dollars in return you will get when this house finally sells.

Dear realtor - putting up this creepy horror movie attic photo in your home listings is probably not a selling point.

Dear realtor, you should be ashamed.
Or... you should be shamed.
Maybe both.


Yes... these are actual listing photos.

These are homes in Seattle but really, these kinds of listings show up everywhere! 

Ok, check out this strange photo...  are we supposed to imagine a toilet in the middle of the shower?  Why?  Is there no toilet in the bathroom and that is an option the new owners could put in? 

Nice shot.

There is a reason you are told 'neutral' colors sell best.   Pink, orange, yellow...  really?

Great picture Mr. or Mrs. Realtor - the blurry picture of some steps as you go up them is a real awesome selling point.