Just a random update that isn't really much of an update

This week my husband is away on business.  We've been waiting to hear from the new company - the results of the background checks and drug tests should have came back but we hadn't gotten a phone call yet.  Knowing they should be 'clear' without any issues, we were anxious to hear.

He got the call this morning.  Apparently all the checks and tests came back on Monday.  He hadn't called to tell him, because he had been fighting 'behind the scenes' to rush the mandatory training class enrollment for my husband... but the dates, no matter how they played with them, couldn't be worked out. 

Without going into details, there are 2 parts of training.  The first is 4 weeks, followed by another 6  weeks.  However the 6 week classes start before his mandatory first 4 week training is over... and there was no way to bend the dates so in the end, he called my husband this morning to say they want to move ahead (if my husband is still interested) but that he won't be able to start the secondary training until after the first of the year.  He misses it by 2 weeks.

Are we still interested?  Yes.
Where do we stand right now?
I'm not sure.
He has to finish out his out of state business.  Then come back and sign paperwork with the new company and get some solid dates from them.  Then, we'll see.

We still feel like things are hanging in the balance.  Not really sure which way things are going at this point.  Once official paperwork is signed I think we can move forward.  Right now it's still in the uncomfortable "not really knowing anything" stage. 


Opening a Window?

"Put me to the test and you will see that I will open the windows of heaven and pour out on you in abundance all kinds of good things."

 - Malachi 3:10 

After the happy relief on Monday of being told something bigger and better was on the horizon for Mr. Husband and this particular location was not a good fit... we both relaxed and laughed and smiled a lot the rest of the day and Tuesday.

That door closed... but we were relieved it did.

Then the strangest thing happened.  

A day later, Mr. Husband got a call from another company who wanted to know if he would be interested in accepting a position with them.   

This wasn't completely random... but close.  

A few months ago a friend and co-worker went to work for this company.  He contacted Mr. Husband about 2 months ago when a position in his field was coming up.  Mr. Husband went online to check it out and ended up doing the online assessment just for the heck of it.  He got a call to come in to talk to them; not an interview - no suit - no resume - just a quick meet face-to-face.

He went in, shook hands, met... and was told they really liked him but the corporation had withdrawn the position in this state.  Due to budget constraints they recalled a few of the open positions.  This was one of them.  But they would like to call Mr. Husband in the future if and when the company opened the position back up.  

Sure.  No problem.

And we promptly forgot about it.  Until yesterday... when they called him.  And asked him if he was still interested?  The company opened up that position in this district again.

Pros and Cons....

I'll skip to the point:  Our conversation about this opportunity really came down to this;

If he turned down the chance to speak with them now, he would forever regret it.  I told him every little thing that goes wrong at work, every bad day, every thing that stresses him out; will forever be bigger and worse than ever because he will always think  "WHAT IF....."  And even if this position is just as stressful and awful and difficult... in his mind it will always be rainbows and unicorns if he doesn't try it.

He went to talk to the district guy who called him.  He went ahead and did a drug test and signed for a background check.  Now?  We wait and see if anything comes of it.




Mr. Husband got a call on Monday regarding the position he put his name in the hat for.  They absolutely loved him and told him he was the number one choice and the right guy for the position... but that position is not the right one for him.

Exactly what we already knew in our hearts!

We both felt like we were trying to make ourselves be happy and hopeful... when in fact neither of us felt this was a good fit.  We wanted it for the sole reason(s) to be able to move closer to our daughter, get a fresh start in a new place - which is always fun - and to get farther South to warmer weather and closer to the beach.

However, there was nothing obstacles in place.  I won't go into the details as it doesn't matter now, but the list CONS and ISSUES TO TACKLE and HOW DO WE and more... were numerous!

He was SO HAPPY when he called me on the phone to say he didn't get it!  And my heart lifted and a grin appeared on my face when I heard the words.  Such a good feeling!

And even better when I found out his boss called him as well as the territory boss of the other location and both told him they see big things for him... and he wants him on his team... but not that location.  He said big things are happening in that area over the next few months and that Mr. Husband is slated to be on the team... but it needs to be where his skills and expertise can be used.

So... nothing but good things; even in the supposed 'bad' news that wasn't bad at all.

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Plan B: What Do You Do When God Doesn't Show Up the Way You Thought He Would?

God Has a Plan for Your Life: The Discovery that Makes All the Difference



Relo 12: Ok with it either way... kind of. So why don't we want it?

Last night when Mr. Husband got home from work, the subject of the position came up as they told him they hope to have a decision made by Monday.

The topic of our conversation turned to the fact that we both are of the mindset that if it doesn't work out... that's perfectly alright.

Odd, actually.

You would think we would be crushed if he didn't get this one, as it's nearer the ocean, close to our college age daughter and will be warmer temperatures - while still being 'in state' for our daughter's college tuition.

But he has some reservations about the site.
The position would be great - but the location is the question.

We realized it is not where we thought it was located.  
There is an active, vibrant area of the city which is clean, kept up, new, awesome and where we thought the site was.  It's not.  It is at least 2 miles away, in an older area - more run down and not the location you want your business to be optimally located in.

When he arrived for his interview he noted the smell as he walked through the doors.  He said it reminded him of the vestibule of a church.  That old, wet smell.  Probably due to sealing needing to be done between the concrete... but it was a bad first impression.

The carpets were old and needed replaced as well as the old style layout and things in the office.  In sad need of attention and updating.

The building itself is smaller than I expected.  Smaller than his current location.  I don't like that. I thought this one was small.

Lastly, he looked up into the corners and saw old cobwebs... old enough to have dust on them - along with about 300 little tiny spider egg sacs.  In other words, no one had bothered to take a broom and swoosh up in the high rafters for ages....   granted, probably no one but my husband probably even looks up into the corners of the rafters of a building, but he's management... so he does.

So this position has plus and minuses.  Lots of minuses.

And because we truly believe everything happens for a reason, we know that if he doesn't get this one... it's ok.  

And I don't think we'll be extremely upset.  We would know there is something better coming up.

And if he is chosen?  Well, I told him the first thing he needs to do is get budget approval to update that location.  You can't make sales if your location is out-of-date, smells like a church and has cobwebs in the corners!

(Strangely enough we've BOTH had the feeling this is NOT a good fit...  he even said in passing yesterday;  "I don't think I'm going to get this one... it just doesn't feel right.")


Relo 12: Perhaps not but I don't know what to call it.

When you've simply put your name 'in the hat' for a random position, it's not like you want to tell people... because chances are high you won't get it, and it's just better to keep your mouth shut so if someone else is chosen, you won't have to deal with people asking you about it, nor do you have to go back and update friends and family that you 'didn't' get the position.

So... at this point I'm spending a lot of time just thinking about it in my own head. 

I know the hard physical work. The stress. The tears. The anger. The frustration. The never-ending to-do lists. The phone calls and paperwork, legalities and surveys and inspections and.....  the list goes on.

My brain never shuts off.

So at this point in all our relocations that may or may not happen, I tend to go inside myself.

I don't do a lot... but I spend a lot of time staring off into space and thinking.  Sitting. Thinking. Laying down. Thinking.

I will try to use THIS website to put all my thoughts down as it helps me to release some of them... when I'm not yet sharing any of those thoughts or comments with friends or family until we know.

So blog... you are it.  Just keep your mouth shut until we know either way.