Relo 12: Perhaps not but I don't know what to call it.

When you've simply put your name 'in the hat' for a random position, it's not like you want to tell people... because chances are high you won't get it, and it's just better to keep your mouth shut so if someone else is chosen, you won't have to deal with people asking you about it, nor do you have to go back and update friends and family that you 'didn't' get the position.

So... at this point I'm spending a lot of time just thinking about it in my own head. 

I know the hard physical work. The stress. The tears. The anger. The frustration. The never-ending to-do lists. The phone calls and paperwork, legalities and surveys and inspections and.....  the list goes on. 

My brain never shuts off.

So at this point in all our relocations that may or may not happen, I tend to go inside myself.

I don't do a lot... but I spend a lot of time staring off into space and thinking.  Sitting. Thinking. Laying down. Thinking.

I have a hard time making myself start to tackle projects that will have to get done IF we have to put the house on the market and relocate. This isn't a decision I make, but over the years and the many moves, I know it's what I do naturally.  Literally two seconds after we get the call that it's happening, that he got a position, I am a whirlwind of energy that does not stop until we are in the new place.   

But not while we are waiting.

Yes, I could be cleaning out closets, organizing, getting donations ready and starting to paint. I could be buying the soil and grass seed we need to repair some spots in the lawn, and renting the power washer to wash the house and power wash the driveway.  I could be cleaning out the upstairs (unused) bedrooms and closets and getting them in show condition...  but I can't.

I don't function like that.

Right now I'm in my own self-induced bubble.

I sit.
I think.
I eat out of stress.
I sit more.
I think more.
I wait.

I will try to use THIS website to put all my thoughts down as it helps me to release some of them... when I'm not yet sharing any of those thoughts or comments with friends or family until we know.

So blog... you are it.  Just keep your mouth shut until we know either way.



Relo 12: Interview Day & Forgotten Items

Mr. Husband left at 3:30 this morning for the interview about 5 hours away.
As I laid in bed listening to him leave I heard him in his car in the garage for a bit, gathering his things and getting ready to leave.  I almost (almost!) texted him to say "Don't forget your wallet" but I quickly banished that thought as it's a fat old wallet that sits in his pocket like a tumor on his butt and you can't sit down without it causing a bruise on your bottom.  He won't forget it.

This morning I got up, went into the kitchen... and spied his big old fat wallet on the kitchen table along with his name tag and a banana 'for the road'.  Forgotten.

He forgot his wallet at home.

I really doubt he can drive 10 hours without having to fill up with gas and I have his money and his debit card as well as his license and his credit cards.

He texted me about 5 minutes ago that he had arrived at the interview location.  I wished him luck....  didn't mention his forgotten wallet.  I don't want him thinking about that while he needs to be 'on his game' for the interview.  He can find out after the interview and we'll deal with it then.


He called after the interview was finished.  He realized he left his wallet at home and asked me where he left it.  (Kitchen table).  He said he has 7 random $1 bills plus a couple dollars in change in his car so he'll use that if he has to.  I told him I'm not driving 3 hours to rescue him, but if he can get within an hour of me, I will bring him gas.  :)

On the interview topic - Unfortunately there are 11 qualified applicants chosen out of the initial round to go for face-to-face interviews.  Eleven! 


Relo 12 Diary.... Name in the Hat Officially Now

Just got a call from Mr. Husband.  He has an interview!  His name is officially 'in' the hat.

Interesting:  they asked how far away he is.  He told them about 4 or 5 hours so they said, "Oh, we'll set up a webinar interview for you then of course."  And he told them no, he would be willing to drive down as he would prefer face-to-face.  So she said ok and set it up for tomorrow at 9:am.  He'll get up around 3:00 am and be on the road by about 3:45 - 4:00 am. 

Exciting!  Even if he doesn't get it...  just getting to interview feels good!

If it's meant to be... it will be.


Another one of those "before" and "after" house remodels that make you say, "What!? No. Wait. Really!? OMG!"

I had been looking at some amazing house transformations a long time ago and forgot that I had saved some of the most interesting or amazing ones in my 'nomadic' files.  When I came across them again a couple weeks ago, I featured a few.  This morning I was thinking I should do another post on the Nomadic Mom blog and came across numbers five and six in my files.

These were so amazing I really did say;  "What!?"  "No."  "Wait, really?"  "OMGOSH!"   




And this one... I had to sit and study it.  Then went BACK to my files to verify I did indeed label them correctly when I saved them.  And only after this, realized that YES that is the same house.  What a fabulous job of remodeling!



You think it's white... until you paint another shade of white next to it!

They looked perfectly white until I painted another shade of white next to it!

One of the projects I've debated, planned, thought about, drew out plans for, window shopped for, researched, yada yada yada is our laundry room.  It could be a very, very beautiful room but instead, due to lack of funds, it has just been neglected and abused.

Some of my idea sketches for the laundry room: cupboards and counters!
This weekend I once again stood in the doorway of the laundry room and dreamed of what it could be.  However, we still have zero budget to work with, so I started to brainstorm what I could do right now for cheap or free.

The interior of our house is painted the same shade, but the previous owner used the cheapest, worst
quality paint I've ever seen in my entire life.  It was full of chalky streaks, it scuffed with black streaks if you so much as looked at it wrong and even a drop of clear, clean water turns it charcoal black.  I have no idea what this paint is made of, but it's awful.  And my house was covered in it.

Because of this, I've spent the last couple years slowly repainting walls with the closest shade I could match, but in a really good quality Benjamin Moore Aura interior paint.  When Aura first came out with this paint it was over $70 per can - eek!  And with a ZERO paint budget, I was lucky if I could afford to buy 1 gallon every 6 months.  However, it's come down in price and you can usually find it for about $55 a can now.  Still high end, but I really love this paint!

So the laundry room was completely emptied out and the walls repainted.

Our baseboards consist of a wide white wooden baseboard around the perimeter of the rooms, with a strip of quarter round wood molding at the bottom in a natural shade.  Only with everything out of the laundry room we decided to paint the wood strip white as well.   The baseboard was a nice shade of white so the plan was simply and QUICKLY to paint the bottom quarter round strip white as well.


You have no idea how many billions of shade of white there are until you paint WHITE  next to WHITE.  Suddenly our white baseboards were... yellow? 

Crap.  Well, there's no going back now.

So yesterday was spent painting all the baseboards in the entire laundry room...  including behind the washer and dryer and under the permanent laundry wash tub sink. 

But on the flipside...  Mr. Husband got a call from HR asking him some basic pre-qualifying questions regarding the position he put his name in the hat for last week.  A 20 minute telephone interview.  They said they will be doing call backs this week to schedule face-to-face interviews from the phone interviews. 

So...  if the call DOES come I sure will be happy to have a head start on the painting of the laundry room since it had to be done anyway!

(I still can't afford to buy any of the cabinets or counters in my dream drawings though.....)