A Random Update

Continuing the 'adventure' of switching over to the new job....

  • The husband is off for his final week of training.  Another week out of state.  He 'graduates' this Friday.  Where does that leave us?  I have no idea.  There are about 35 or 40 in the program but only 1 spot open nation wide so unless there are spaces they aren't officially advertising open, I suppose the 'graduation' means nothing more than they are the list for 'fillers' as managerial spots come open.   

  • Our health insurance kicks in today.  There's that.  
I assume I will need to make an online account for us and then find a doctor in that network.
We also have to set up our online prescription account so we can find locations that are approved and set up our prescriptions.
  • Our life insurance is in limbo as they sent a letter yesterday saying they hadn't heard back from us regarding the physicals needed.  Ok?  Well, not our issue.  We had to use the company THEY provide.  They did DH's physical and blood work over a week ago.  Not my fault if they don't have it yet.  And I was sick and had to reschedule so mine is March 10th.  Again...  the company THEY choose to do the physicals and blood work.  If they are 3 weeks out in scheduling, we have nothing to do with it.  I'll call them Monday or Tuesday to see if they got DH's results and tell them I'm scheduled next week.  If they don't want to wait I guess I'll cancel it.

We've never in our LIVES had to go through this much crap just to get life insurance.  We've always had it - but never needed physicals and blood work and urine samples and testing.  We are in our early 40's and healthy so it's not a big deal BUT it makes me roll my eyes.  Insurance NEVER used to be this stupid and full of red tape.


Yes... these are actual listing photos.

These are homes in Seattle but really, these kinds of listings show up everywhere! 

Ok, check out this strange photo...  are we supposed to imagine a toilet in the middle of the shower?  Why?  Is there no toilet in the bathroom and that is an option the new owners could put in? 

Nice shot.

There is a reason you are told 'neutral' colors sell best.   Pink, orange, yellow...  really?

Great picture Mr. or Mrs. Realtor - the blurry picture of some steps as you go up them is a real awesome selling point. 


Monday Morning......

Some days I can make a 'to do' list and dive into it; feeling a sense of accomplishment with every check-mark I can make signifying it's been taken care of.

Some days I just can't muster the energy or the right mind-set to even begin.

That would be today.

While I'm thankful we are not in the middle of a huge relocation right now, the shift to a new job is a whole other set of issues, tasks and yes, problems.  Sometimes overwhelming.

You just don't realize how many things there are to take care of in a career switch when you've been with a company for 10+ years.


Just to remember....

Just for myself to remember later on;  this never ending frustration of switching jobs.

Had taxes done on Thursday.  Assumed we had all the forms.
On Friday got a letter from Fidelity reminding us that a tax form was available for 'download' online.

Re; the cell phones.... (still)

Saw a message in our 'in' box on our family account that eligibility requirements need to be met for the discount to continue.  I'll call... wait... it's officially in HIS name (again - *eye rolling*) so I have to bug HIM to call and ask them about all the other discount options;  pretty sure his new company probably has a contract discount with them too.

ALSO cell phones:  Our son's phone is also through DH's name and the discount applies.  Except when he got our son a new phone this Fall he let himself be talked into an 'upgrade' to an iphone.  The issue with that is that he IGNORED the fact that switching to an iphone took away the unlimited data contract we had.  An upgrade fee, a monthly fee AND if he goes over even 1 gigabyte it automatically kicks in a $60 charge on top of the monthly bill.

Yesterday we got another $80 bill.

I can't talk to them or see about capping the data usage after a certain point because it is in DH's name through the company.  I can't be on the account so they can't talk to me.

Circle of my life.



The House in the Back of my Head

Perhaps one day I'll look back on this post and smile because we own this little house... or maybe I will look back and read it and say 'whew! I'm so glad we didn't get that house... we really dodged a bullet!"  Maybe I won't even remember the house I was talking about! 

Since I'm always wondering when and where our next relocation will be, I'm always keeping an eye on real estate... all over.  A few weeks ago I found a house that is small and in an 'out of the way' area, not close enough to call home as long as my husband is working... but small enough and in an area that I would be pretty content to have as a second home.   It was a little bit expensive for the size and location... but it is pretty much everything I've had on my unofficial mental list - from 'no homeowners association, to solar panel adaptable, out of the way, over 2 acres, flat enough for a large garden....).

This week I checked to see if it was still listed.  It is.  The price has gone down $15,000 - which tells me they may be getting frustrated and antsy it hasn't sold.  But... but... but....  now I'm concerned.  Because seeing it again only made me think of it more and now I'm afraid with the price dropping, someone will buy it.  And it won't be me!

We aren't in a position to buy it right now...  it's still a little bit high priced for the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and square footage; but that won't matter to the right buyer.  It could sell any time.

As I look at the listing photos I am thinking;

I hope people view the weathered outside as 'an old looking house' and don't want to see the inside.
If they do see the inside, I hope they see the unique ceiling and back splash as a negative and too different.
I hope others view the duct work in the kitchen as an eyesore and don't think about how easy it would be to cover.
I hope they think it's too small.
I hope they look at the bad paint job in the entire upstairs and think it would be too much of a hassle to repaint!
I hope they think the green house area is 'weird'.

I hope I hope....  Because I need that house to NOT sell until they are frustrated enough to drop the price another $40-50K and hopefully by then I can figure out how to afford it.  LOL.....

... but then again;  maybe it's in a really bad area.   We don't know looking on the internet from so far away.
Maybe it as horrible neighbors.
Problems with the local municipalities.
Crime in the area.
Water problems.
Maybe the house is badly fixed up and shoddy workmanship.  
The people that own it bought it 3 1/2 years ago for much, much, much cheaper... and listed it at a full double what they bought it for.  Maybe they were flipping it and did everything as cheap as they could.

Or at least I'll tell myself that!

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