It's the Little Things.... changes coming with the new job.

As we start the count down to the 'job switch', we are excited about the new position as we love the company and what they do... but it's the little things that are causing frustrations.

First is health insurance.
He won't be eligible to sign up for health insurance at the new job for 90 days.  We weren't expecting this at the assistant manager level... but it is what it is.  This means I've had to think about the options and what each entails.  Have no coverage for 3 months?  Continue our current coverage with the crazy expensive COBRA extension option?  Try to get a short term family plan from another source?  They all have pros and cons of some sort. We never, ever go to the doctor.  No need to. But to tempt fate and go 3 months without coverage feels incredibly uncomfortable and scary.  We will probably opt for COBRA as to go through the hassle of a new short term, 3 month coverage with a new company would be horrible - all the hoops you have to jump through and some require medical physicals, etc. Too much work for a short term issue!

Second is cell phones.
My husbands personal cell phone is also his work phone.  The company provides one for your personal and/or work use. My cell phone is a family plan with our 2 girls - and we receive an employee discount on our monthly bill.  Our son's phone is also one through my husbands place of employment.  It's a rock bottom reduced rate that we pay ourselves, but only this cheap because of the employee discount.

My husband will lose his phone when he quits his current job.  A phone is not part of the perk of his next job.
My plan/phone won't change except we will lose the 20% employee discount.
Our sons phone could be a problem.  Not sure if the phone goes back, if the plan reverts to full price? Do we keep the phone and pay full price monthly fees now?  Or what about the fact we JUST signed a new 2 year contract on it - which is based on the rate for my husbands employment.  Does the rate go up to full price and are we still locked into the contract at the higher price?  So many questions.

My husband will have to buy a phone of his own now, which is fine - but will not be able to keep his phone number (that EVERYONE has for him and knows him by).  So, new phone and new number most likely.  That sucks.

Retirement Plans and stocks;
Companies like to throw 'stock options' at you and dress them frilly to sound like a great deal.  But not only are they only good if the company does well on the market, but you don't actually GET those stocks for YEARS... until you are 100% vested.  So we have a small IRA and some stock options with his current company.  We plan to roll over the IRA (we'll have to look into how these particular companies do that and how many hoops they make you jump through) and the stocks options?  Well...  with tuition for our youngest coming due (about $9000 left for us to pay for this upcoming semester after her student loan, etc. kick in) we need some cash for college tuition so we can continue to do whatever we need to to avoid taking out a parent plus loan (evil, horrible things!).  We went ahead and cashed out the piddly stock options that we were 100% vested in.  The rest will all revert BACK to the company since they were given within the last few years and were only partially vested.  Works out great for the company... not so great for employees.  We'll have a heavy tax burden to cover this spring but we need to do something with the funds from the stocks (put into the IRA would have been great) however, tuition is due and we will do whatever we can to avoid having to have our daughter or ourselves take out a private loan in addition to the student loans she was approved for through FAFSA. It is what it is.

There are more, but this is just my little 'diary entry' for what is going through my head right now as we prepare for the transition. 



If there was any doubt in my mind about blogging the changes to our lives right now in Mr. Husband's career switch, there isn't any longer.  It's so wonderful to be able to read my own posts in mere seconds to not only refresh my memory of things (it's amazing how quickly you forget so many details!) and DATES.

So today my entry is "telling the boss".

Mr. Husband and I had discussed when to let his current company know he was leaving.  Typically you do two weeks.  The problem is that with the holidays coming up, he didn't want to leave them in a lurch.  His start date at the new job isn't until December 1st so we figured he would stay through the last weekend in November.  Therefore; keeping our mouths shut until around the 14th or 15th (the 2 week window).  But you know what happens with the best laid plans....

His district boss asked to meet with him today as he is going to be going out of town next week, and be gone 1 1/2 weeks.  Since he would be gone during the optimal time to resign, and they would be meeting face-to-face today, it was only natural the 'talk' would happen today.

It went very well.  As a matter of fact, when Mr. Boss heard my husband was willing to give 1 month notice instead of two weeks, to give them time to find someone, he was blown away.  He said he would try to find someone earlier than that so Mr. Husband doesn't have to stay the whole month... but they will see if they get some good candidates.

That is today's 'diary' entry.  The boss was told.  The cat is out of the bag.   (We haven't told any friends or family about it yet as he doesn't start for over a month yet....).

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Papers Signed. Gulp.

Not gonna lie.  This image is pretty much what I was doing about 40 minutes ago.

I said a prayer.  Or two.

And then I took the dogs outside and took a few deep breaths.

Mr. Husband signed accepting paperwork this morning to a new job.  With a new company.

"Yeah!"  I know, right?

He called me as he was on his way to work (his current job) after signing the papers and finding out a few more of the details.  I didn't hang up and have a 'Yeah!' moment though.  Because, suddenly all the baggage with that decision hit me.  

Lost retirement account(s) for any stocks not 100% vested. Rolling over accounts that are. Loss of vacation days allowed after being at his position for 10 years, loss of medical and dental insurance, 90 days before we are eligible for insurance at the new job, changing our family cell phone(s) and plans... loss of discounts on family cell phone plans and DH's phones are provided to him through work (not at new job) so will have to add him to mine (?), daughter has a doctor's appointment in December about 3 weeks after we lose that coverage, and it's Christmas time - will we have a week or two without income as it overlaps and gets set up, and we have Spring tuition for college due of about $9000... and... and... and the list swirling in my brain goes on and on.......

All 'do-able' but will take some organization and deep thinking. 

Yep there is happiness there.  Or will be in about 3-4 months when the dust settles.

Wow.  How did this happen? And so quickly?

We went from possibly relocating (again) WITH my husbands job to him accepting a new job and soon putting in his resignation.  



Monday Morning: Maybe signing papers today

This may not be another relocation but it is in the same realm, so this possible career shift is documented in our family relocation blog as well.

Today we are expecting a call from the HR department of the company DH may transfer to.  The call would be to meet and sign the official paperwork to accept the position.  It would have start dates, salary and all the information we need to make this become real.

I told my husband this morning I haven't allowed myself to really think about it yet... until we have something in writing.  (*Then I can kind of freak out...).  As ready as he is emotionally and mentally to make a switch to a different job environment, it's also scary.  In this economy, having ten years with your job is job security.  Making a switch means starting at ground zero with them - including starting a new retirement fund, losing the retirement funds from the current company that are tied up in stocks that aren't yet 100% vested, switching health insurance (HUGE issue right now with the debacle our president caused)... just so much hinges on a job change.

But on the other hand, now is the time to do it.  The last of the kids are off to college.  Sure we have a huge mortgage, car payment, bills and credit card debt - but we are more mobile, and because it is just the two of us directly affected and no 'small' children or teens in the house anymore, we feel more 'ok' with making career changes.  There are less people depending on things staying status-quo...  now is the time to make the jump if it's going to be done.

We should find out today....  waiting for that call to meet them and sign on the dotted line.

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Just a random update that isn't really much of an update

This week my husband is away on business.  We've been waiting to hear from the new company - the results of the background checks and drug tests should have came back but we hadn't gotten a phone call yet.  Knowing they should be 'clear' without any issues, we were anxious to hear.

He got the call this morning.  Apparently all the checks and tests came back on Monday.  He hadn't called to tell him, because he had been fighting 'behind the scenes' to rush the mandatory training class enrollment for my husband... but the dates, no matter how they played with them, couldn't be worked out. 

Without going into details, there are 2 parts of training.  The first is 4 weeks, followed by another 6  weeks.  However the 6 week classes start before his mandatory first 4 week training is over... and there was no way to bend the dates so in the end, he called my husband this morning to say they want to move ahead (if my husband is still interested) but that he won't be able to start the secondary training until after the first of the year.  He misses it by 2 weeks.

Are we still interested?  Yes.
Where do we stand right now?
I'm not sure.
He has to finish out his out of state business.  Then come back and sign paperwork with the new company and get some solid dates from them.  Then, we'll see.

We still feel like things are hanging in the balance.  Not really sure which way things are going at this point.  Once official paperwork is signed I think we can move forward.  Right now it's still in the uncomfortable "not really knowing anything" stage.