Quick Update.... supposedly it's all going through. What should have been done and over in about 3 days tops is now at just under a month.

Quick update on the good hands people....

I heard nothing and I wasn't mentally or emotionally really up to calling them and dealing with it.  Lots of other things going on to deal with... and I was prioritizing how much my brain could take. 

I finally had a moment where I was prepared to deal with the next step.  Checked our account online first - two policies listed - one said pending third party payment.

Well, that 3rd party is our home mortgage company as we pay our insurance monthly to them; they keep it in escrow and pay it out once a year.  That yearly payment was JUST paid 3 weeks ago so there is no way they are paying another (there is no funds built up in the escrow account obviously).  So, like it or not, I had to call.

I didn't call original office bimbo.  I called the young woman who picked up the ball later on and actually knew how to play.

"Let me see if she's at her desk...."
"Oh gee, sorry.  Looks like you just missed her.  She must have just gone to lunch." "Can I take a message?"

"Could I have her voicemail?"

"Oh!  Uh, sure!"

Left a message.  She called back about an hour or so later.

Current situation...  everything looked good with the inspection. She had sent payment notice to the mortgage company so they would have the new policy papers and next; she will transfer the funds from the first policy over to the 2nd (new) policy and whatever leftover funds there are, we should get as a refund check. She is also canceling the 1st policy so we don't have to do that or worry about it.  We do nothing at this point with them...


The next thing I know to anticipate is a mix up with the mortgage company.

3 weeks ago they paid out our original policy renewal.  Because it had gone up about $300 they will be sending us a letter saying "you won't have enough in your escrow account so give us more money now please and by the way your monthly payment is going up again...."

EXCEPT now I really have to confuse them because I will then call them and say, "Hey, see how you just entered a new policy last week?  It's $500 cheaper... so now we are actually OVER paying and you need to do an account review AGAIN and send us a letter telling us our monthly payment is going DOWN instead of up!  Isn't that great!?"


Are we having fun yet?



At least they finally called, right?

This morning someone finally called - which she was woefully misinformed and uninformed as no one there truly knows the REAL version and time frame... they are getting their information from the lady who has f-ed up pretty much everything at this point.

After I signed and emailed the policy back on November 4th I never heard one single thing from the bimbo lady.  Nothing.  I had to email her to say "I sent the signature... did you get it?"  and "What is the next step?  Are you going to contact the mortgage company?  When and how will we get a refund of the difference in premium?"

My response was "got it. thanks."


November 4th to November 10th she apparently did... NOTHING.

On November 10th I (tried) to write an email through the insurance site - got an error message that they could not process any emails to agents at this time.  So I sent it direct to him and bimbo.  I didn't think it went through...  but it must have.

Apparently on that exact afternoon she (finally) sent the information to the mortgage company.  Coincidence?  I think not.

Today:  someone who knows what they are doing (I think) went over the new policy coverage with me - updated a couple small things.  Answered a couple questions (THAT BIMBO IGNORED EVERY SINGLE TIME I ASKED ANYTHING).

Where we are right now this second:  11:00 am

We have 2 policies going - based on the results on the home inspection that was ordered, and if it comes back ok, we will go with the new one ($500 a year cheaper for the same or more coverage) and we will cancel the old one.  If anything comes back on the home inspection (she said even so much as a loose shingle could stop it....)  then it doesn't get approved.

She is also going to check with the IT people at the insurance company to see why she has updated documents but when I go into our account and view or download the 'new' business documents, they are the original, old version bimbo uploaded back in October when I first got a quote and before I insisted on her updating the wrong and old and outdated information.

I'm very overwhelmed and confused at this point and HATE that my agent sold the business (agency) without telling any of his customers he was doing so.  I have had nothing but crap luck with this 'new' agent.  He also is running 4 different locations... so he is not even fully 'there' when you talk to him because he just has far too much on his plate.


Waiting to hear back from the Girl Who Seems to Know Something.

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Insurance would you please hurry and call so I can leave my house?

Perhaps I was a little too trusting.
Or hopeful.
It's 1:pm and no call from the insurance agency yet.

My fear is actually that they WILL call and we WILL work out the details of a new (better) policy and then... Office Bimbo will 'remember' it's been 1 1/2 weeks since I signed a policy and she did... nothing with it.  And that she will suddenly jump onto her computer and wipe out everything good and replace it with her crazy, made-up, typo and odd numbered policy with old, outdated information.  And then she will contact my mortgage company about the 'new' policy and basically wipe out everything we hope to accomplish and fix today.

If they ever get around to calling.

Until then, I seem to be held hostage in my home as I do not want to miss this call.


That's how long it's been now since I made a 'quick' what I thought would be 15 minute phone call to say;  "Hey, the premium is a bit high...  where is some wiggle room in our coverage to get this back down to manageable?"  

Yep.  That's all it took for her to take 3 days to get me a quote.  2 emails asking me to sign when she forgot to attach the application.  6 emailed applications where the quote continually changed to random and odd numbers - sometimes up to 150K difference.  Which she typed in by mistake.  And ignored all my questions.  And refused to delete the old 'original' quote that she told me was wrong, and waiting for signing and payment on my online account but insisted I should "just ignore it"  and all the application paperwork that was wrong and had our information from 2004 on it?  Oh, just ignore that because (and I quote) "It doesn't really matter" and I should just sign her emailed paperwork that was wrong and she would go back later and 'enter' it in her computer.


Oh no, it's still not finished

It's November 11th and that stupid 'easy' and 'quick' insurance adjustment is still ongoing.


I finally was able to talk to the actual agent tonight.  He is going to call tomorrow (or his assistant) and we will go over the policy - see what we can do and basically start from scratch.

Office Bimbo got my signature a full WEEK ago and hasn't done one thing since then... including taking the old original quote off our account online.  That little oversight is now marked "PAST DUE"  on our account.  It can't be past due... it doesn't even exist.

I'm leaving out 2 weeks of details... but suffice to say I  hope it's done correctly and quickly tomorrow.  This has been a huge, stressful mess.




So Office Bimbo shoots me an email with coverage.

A couple things are WAY off.  The coverage doesn't make sense it is so small to almost be laughable.
Other coverage is way high - like $51,000 coverage for 'other' structures (ex; sheds). 

So back and forth with Office Bimbo 'fixing' the quote for me.

Except every time she fixed one amount... she changed (or made a typo) on another amount!

Usually she input the same random in 2 spots...  so if a number was $141,750   the coverage blank right below it also was changed to $141,750   (even if it was supposed to be $283,000).

Finally she sent me the whole application to sign.

Except the application still had old information on it from our original application back in the Fall of 2004.  A hodge-podge mix of information from 2004, 2011 and 2014.  

By signing, I am saying this application is correct and honest.  So, I tell her it needs to be updated!

She says;  "Oh, it's not important.  Just sign it."

Well, I didn't feel comfortable so I sent her an email with all the updates, in order, straight from the form.  I asked her to update the application and email it to me and I'd sign it.

She says "Can you just print the application, write all the updates and sign it and then I will update them in the computer?"

Ummm.  No.  I have it line by line (easy) for you to type into your computer screen.  Update and send me the real application.

She makes SOME changes.

I point out the ones she missed.

Then the forms have MORE typo's again on the coverage amounts.

In the meantime I get an automatic email from my 'agent' thanking me for my Policy Purchase - and that the forms are available online in my account to electronically sign.

I click on it to see them.

They are the original forms...  the wrong forms.  So I tell Office Bimbo I'd like to sign electronically through our account if she would please delete the wrong application/quote and put the correct one up.

She says she can't do that.  It won't let her delete it, but if I sign the ones she is emailing me, then she will go through and update the policy after it's signed.

THIS GOES ON - with her sending 'new' forms to me to sign - and me finding mistakes and not signing.....

(no emails back and forth Sunday)


For a ZILLION reasons.

Never, in all our years of buying insurance policies has it EVER been a debacle like this.  Taken this long, had this many mistakes, typo's and replacement after replacement of forms with mistakes on them by the office staff.

So I start to research the insurance company and soon I'm reading through court cases and reviews and business magazine articles about them and books published about them...   

By Tuesday morning I'm flustered, angry, feeling overwhelmed and just sick of it all.

I check the files, sign and email them off.

I also asked (to make sure) that since our original renewal just was paid for this week, they will switch to the new policy and refund us the difference, and let our mortgage company know of the new lower premium so they can adjust our escrow payment accordingly.

No.  Answer.
Didn't even acknowledge finally getting my email.

Tomorrow I will wait and see if she;

1) Answers my question about the refund.
2) Acknowledges the signature
3) Puts the correct quote and policy documents up in our online account.

WHAT A MESS.  How did a simple "hey can we lower the personal property coverage by $100,000?"  turn into a debacle like this?

 By David J. Berardinelli From Good Hands to Boxing Gloves: The Dark Side of Insurance (1st)