Ahhh, one more. Because they are just that bad.

These photos from random Seattle area listings make me shake my head.
I would be embarrassed to have some of these listings on my page if I was a realtor. 

If the homeowner really wanted to sell this house, they would do a trash dump for random marketing cardboard cutouts, a Goodwill donation for exercise equipment they obviously don't use regularly and uh, maybe take that eggshell foam down from above the window.

Dear realtor...  I think a $20 can of cheap, white wall paint would be a good investment on your thousands
of dollars in return you will get when this house finally sells.

Dear realtor - putting up this creepy horror movie attic photo in your home listings is probably not a selling point.

Dear realtor, you should be ashamed.
Or... you should be shamed.
Maybe both.


Yes... these are actual listing photos.

These are homes in Seattle but really, these kinds of listings show up everywhere! 

Ok, check out this strange photo...  are we supposed to imagine a toilet in the middle of the shower?  Why?  Is there no toilet in the bathroom and that is an option the new owners could put in? 

Nice shot.

There is a reason you are told 'neutral' colors sell best.   Pink, orange, yellow...  really?

Great picture Mr. or Mrs. Realtor - the blurry picture of some steps as you go up them is a real awesome selling point. 


More bad home listing photos from real estate agents.....

I just don't think I have any words for this one.

Now there is an awesome listing photo for you.  I love how you can see the details of the outside of the house.  Really makes me want to buy it.


More "What were they thinking?"


At first glance I didn't realize see what was wrong with this photo.  It's clean, picked up, vacuumed... oh wait.  What in the world?  Oh my gosh.  The OUTSIDE of the window is completely covered in graffiti.
And then the more I looked at it, I realized that is a dryer vent.  In the living room. 

And let's here it for lazy realtors who can't even take a picture of the property to list.  But instead rely on a search engine map????

Note to realtor:  A $5 can of paint to paint the "I'm back bitch" wall over would probably help you make a sale.  Just sayin.....

Another lazy realtor.  Dude, if you are going to make 6-8% on a sale, the LEAST you could do is visit the property to take a picture of it.  What is with using a Google Drive By car as your listing picture!??  Loser.


Yep, this is how you sell a house....

Doesn't this photo just make you want to put an offer in?
The F-word on the door, the stained walls, the ruined, disgusting carpet, window that won't close all the way and broken blinds.  Say's "home" to me, right?
(Most realtors, if they wanted to sell this place, would have at least painted over the door and had the carpet cleaned.  Some would have had the carpet ripped out and slapped some paint on the walls and taken down the broken blinds.  Apparently this realtor doesn't really want a sale.)

Isn't "no homeowners in the picture" a realty 101 class?  Especially when you catch them with goofy surprised looks on their faces?  Asking these people to move aside would have given this picture of the view a chance.  Currently, you miss the view while zooming in on the red shirt man's face.