In my husband's company you have to get your manager's blessing before you can put in for a position that comes up. 

Mr. Husband is going to talk to his manager today and if he gets his blessings, today is the last day to put his name in the hat before it falls out of the system.

The steps would be;
  • Get Ok from current management verbally to move ahead
  • Current management calls their management to give the Ok
  • Current management calls their HR department to give the OK
  • Put name in the system for position
  • Wait for call backs (first round)
  • If they call back, schedule an interview (2nd round)
  • Call backs to a second interview with larger panel (3rd round)
  • Call back to let you know who got/didn't get the position 



Two More Before and After House Transformations

I was adding some photos to my website image folder and found some additional 'before' and 'after' house transformations.  The first one I'm going to post seems to be a "flip" house perhaps.  Bought for a dirt cheap price, spruced up just enough to become a rental.

It's cute... but it's my teaser.  Because the second one is the one I'm excited to post.  

Here is the first:





 Amazing what a little paint can accomplish!

Here is one I LOVE love love....


I'm pretty sure when I first saw this one, I probably spoke out loud when I said, "No way!"  and sure enough, look closer.  "Yes way!"   GORGEOUS transformation!

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Entry #1 - No Ties - and a Surprise Listing

This website was a God-send, huge help during last (awful, horrible, stressful and worst to date) relocation.  I used it to think things through, document, vent, laugh, cry...  and even though there is nothing actually happening yet, there is a whisper of a chance, so I decided as long as my site is here, I might as well use it.  AND if it does turn into another relocation, I really would hate to have missed on the initial baby steps of the process.

Now that our youngest daughter has gone to University, we have nothing 'holding' us to our current home.  No 'ties' to this house or this area or even this city.  We chose this particular house 3 years ago due to a variety of needs at the time;
  • My husbands job commute
  • Our daughter being able to stay in her school and not transfer to a 2nd high school within 3 months (enrolled in the first when we lived in the apartment during house hunting and it was a great school and perfect fit. Didn't want to make her switch mid-year just 3 months later!)
  • A large, open floorplan
  • No HOA or one that isn't overly active with insane rules
  • Privacy
We are now in a house with a lot more space than we need (almost 5,000 sq feet) and a larger mortgage than we want, and with no kids in the school system, we have no ties here.  Our daughter is in school 5 hours away and our oldest 2 kids stayed up North where they went to college.

We relocated to our current city because we wanted to get to a Southern state where the winters shorter, temperatures warmer and snow... barely ever.  We didn't get as far South as we would have liked, but it was where an opening appeared and we were thankful he was able to interview and get the job.

We've kept our eye on any openings further South - closer to the coast - and they are elusive.  No worries as our daughter was in high school here until May 2014.  We were a little relieved not to see job openings we wanted as we needed to stay put until she graduated.  

Our daughter then ended up being accepted to a college on the coast...  about 45 minutes from the beach.  She left for college last month - about 5 hours away and on a pretty deadly interstate due to no other travel options, lots of construction, high speeds and heavy semi-truck traffic.  We don't mind her being a few hours away, but 5 hours on a crappy commute makes it's hard to get to her in case of emergencies.  We would have preferred 2-3 hours.  But... it is what it is.

And out of the blue, completely unexpected, there is a job opening for a position in a city about 30 minutes from our daughter's college.

Not only would it be a chance to get closer to the coast, but would near our daughter in case of emergencies and making it easier for her to come home for holidays, etc.

It's not the exact area we want, but it's about 45 minutes to the beach, it's nice, it's quaint, near a larger city for museums, culture and shopping we wouldn't have in town and it's about 45-55 minutes from a major airport.

We could do this.  We are discussing putting his name in the hat for it.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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There's No Crying in Home Furnishings!

I must be more emotionally ready to move than I thought!

I got a new catalog in the mail today and I loved the lighting fixtures on the front so I started to flip through it.  This issue is literally filled with all the style and colors I hope to use in our 'next' house... and I got to the 3rd page before I got tears in my eyes!  I had to CLOSE the magazine before I started to cry! 

That's a wake up call for me.  LOL.  Know the stress, tears, work and worry that goes into each relocation and house selling process makes me 'want' it... but not really want it yet.  But then something like crying over a home furnishings catalog makes you tear up?  Ha.  I guess maybe I am more ready to move than I thought I was.


BEFORE and AFTER House Transformations

While I intended this to be a six part series, life got in the way and I got so busy I didn't get the series updated as quickly as I had planned.   This is number two in the series.  

I personally love the look of red tiled roofs and stucco.  Having lived in California, this is the house style we thought we would end up in after we finished out our rental lease, but then life took us for a spin and we ended up moving to Tennessee.  Not an over abundance of stucco and red tiled roofs there.  

Because I like the stucco look and I've had my fill of brick, siding, rock and other style houses, my personal preference is more the 'before' look than the after.   But I realize everyone wants what they don't have... so something "different" was probably the plan for this one.  

Had this been my house, I would have opted for the landscaping clean up  (love the cleaner look!)  and while I like the look of stone on the entryway arch and columns, I think I would have kept the stucco look on the rest of the house, but would opt for a lighter color than the flesh color they currently had.  Blending a mixture of stone and stucco.  



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